It is probably just the tube that has a hole. You tires don't look worn enough to be a problem. Unless then have a big hole/gash in them.

You can fix that with a patch, or a new tube. The size of your tire and corresponding tube is printed on its sidewall.

The type of valve you have is "schradder".

  • get the wheel off the bike. you need a wrench, as you dont have a quick release.
  • Deflate the tube and take the tire and tube off from the wheel. Tire levers make it easier but are not necessary for wide tires like yours. Look up videos on how to do this.
  • locate the puncture on the tube
  • Inspect the inside of your tire and your wheels rim to locate and remove/fix any debris/anomaly that could have caused a puncture (e.g. shards of glass, badly placed rim tape). If you have been riding with low tire pressure, you could also just have a pinch flat.
  • fix the tube with a patch (abrade near hole, apply vulcanising solution, let dry, apply patch firmly) or use a new tube
  • Reassemble the tire and tube on the wheel: place one bead of the tire back on the wheel. Insert the tube inside the tire. Place the other bead inside the rim, making sure not to pinch the tube between the rim and the tire. Look up videos on how to do this part.
  • inflate the tires just a little bit
  • make sure that everything is well in place: tire bead is seated properly and evenly, valve is not pushed against the side of the hole, etc.
  • Finish inflating the tire
  • put wheel back on the bike

Fixing a tire is pretty easy. However, there are a few tricks one needs to know. Last time I did it I got the new inner tube twisted somehow and the damn thing exploded on me when I inflated it at the bike shop with a compressed air pump.

If you do fix it yourself, watch several youtube videos and take it slow.

We tried a spray fix first but for me, it's just that it gets everywhere, all over me, all over the ground.

You really don't need much to fix them. If it's just a temporary fix to get you off the side of the road though, so you should still replace the tire as soon as possible.

I wouldn't bother trying to plug it or anything.

Bike tires are cheap as shit and its always better to just throw a new one on there. If you notice the tire getting low, stop riding immediately because you'll pop it off the bead pretty easily, and fix a flat doesn't put out enough pressure to beat a tire.