The video is best for people who know nothing about coffee. Somehow I already knew everything in this video and most experienced coffee lovers will too.

It's neat to see good video of the coffee plantations and the washing process. Also seeing the original entrepreneurs like the Starbucks history, Peets, and hear them tell it was original and authentic.

But everything else was pretty introductory. They use arabica, not rubusta, pick the red cherries, the story of the discovery of coffee in Ethiopia, how fair trade came about, organic practices, etc. It seemed kind of long to take 3 hours to cover that info but maybe that's just my ADD.

You could probably read the Wikipedia article on coffee in ten minutes and learn the same amount.

I would have liked to see coverage of roasting. And I don't know when it was made but it seems dated and doesn't cover the new pour-over and light roast trends.

If you're new to coffee this video is a great 3 hours. If you're not new to coffee at least it has video footage and interviews with the 1st wave entrepreneurs.