We had grits for the first time a while back at my husband's aunt's house and they're surprisingly good. It's essentially just a country gravy with a rice-like grain thrown into it. spread it on some biscuits and some bacon and you've got a pretty good breakfast.

Not my first choice, still, but not terrible.

It was so much I couldn't finish it all.

She is a: "If it is on your plate you eat it," sort of gal, and needless to say she is huge.

I don't really understand why this is such a big deal.

You don't have to finish everything on the plate. You can pack the rest up and eat it for another meal. I rather like it, there are a lot of restaurants where I can get 2-3 lunches out of a single order.

I feel like many people don't do this though, and if anything this leads to more food waste because lots of people will just throw out what they don't eat.

I think people in general need to be more responsible with regard to food waste.

But this is one of those changes that people will not make on a meaningful scale unless they are motivated to do so, or they are given more appropriate serving sizes or better education on how to eat well. I think there's still the whole separate issue of larger serving sizes promoting obesity and other health issues. I think for a lot of people, they'll go to a restaurant and order a "meal", and in a lot of cases their serving will amount to well over 1,000 calories and might not even contain much nutrition.

Many people will think it's perfectly fine to eat that whole thing in one serving without a second thought, not realizing they are overeating. Alternatively, they won't eat the whole thing, and end up throwing out a fair bit of food.

Obviously restaurants have the right to serve as much food as they want, I just think this whole system is a bit dysfunctional.